More than ever before, consumers are looking to pay their bills with credit or debit cards. The number of payments made by credit or debit cards now exceeds all other forms of noncash payments (checks, money orders, etc.) combined. Our clients know that the easier they make it for their customers to pay, the more likely it is they will get more of those payments on time.

Constellation is proud to announce the most comprehensive payment collection system available on the market today.

And the best news of all is…..IT’S FREE!!!

PSPIntegrated Processing

MSP now has the capability to process credit and debit card payments directly through the software. No more double entry means fewer entry mistakes and faster payment processing. Now you can keep an accurate record of all transactions within MSP. MSP and its PaySystem+ can help you:

  • Enhance dealership data security

  • Improve delinquency and boost your cash flow

  • Improve productivity and reduce administrative costs

  • Improve customer satisfaction

  • Attract new customers

  • Save money for both the dealership and your customers

  • Reduce payment processing costs 

The MSP solution even solves problems you probably didn’t even know you had. Banks and other processors have done a great job protecting themselves in case of a data breach but we found that most of them don’t protect you. In the case of a data breach, your dealership could be liable for forensic fees, fines and replacement costs for all your customer’s cards. We are so confident in our data security system that we have worked together with our merchant services processor, Pay Pros, to offer a $150,000 data breach guarantee to protect our clients.

PaySystem+ offers you:

  • An unprecedented security strategy that protects your business from fraud and breach

  • Rates and fees that are better than standard banking services; backed by a price match guarantee

  • …and maybe most importantly, No Contracts and No Early Termination fees.  PaySystem+ allows you to deploy these advanced cash flow tools without any risk or commitment.

Automated Payments

Not only does MSP now have the ability to process your card payments, you will now have the ability to securely store your customer’s card information and set up automated payment plans. 53% of all US consumers use a recurring payment plan for at least some of their bills.

Making sure that you get paid every time your customer gets paid has long been one of the keys to success in the Buy Here – Pay Here business. This capability takes that to a whole new level.

Don’t just take our word for it. Here is what one of our dealers had to say, “The integration between our MSP software and PPI has saved us a ton of time. I would recommend this to anyone that takes in payments. We have been in business in BHPH for almost 3 years and this is one product I would not want to be without. We serve 690 accounts from our 3 locations and each store manager runs their AutoPays within minutes. It’s FAST, EASY, ACCURATE.”


OnLine Payments

mycarpmtIn 2011, 38% of all US consumers paid at least some of their bills online. Online payments save your customers time and money, allowing them to pay you even when your dealership is not open. Consumers have indicated that choice is incredibly important when it comes to paying bills, mostly because of timing, convenience and available funds. The most common option people chose was paying bills online.

Our new PaySystem+ allows your customers to make their payments to you via our website. Your customers register on the website and can store their card or bank account information on the site for easy payment processing. They can set up recurring payment plans on the site. can even be embedded within your current website. Click HERE to view a video of in action.


Customer Debit Cards

Over 50% of payments made at the typical BHPH dealership are still made in cash. One of the primary reasons this isdescribe the image
true is because 1 in every 4 working Americans does not have a bank account, limiting their access to debit or credit cards.

Constellation has formed a partnership with the only provider of a payroll-loaded debit card specifically designed for the payment collection business. You can now arrange for your unbanked or under banked customers to obtain debit cards so they can take advantage of all the benefits of card use at no cost to your dealership. 

No longer will you have to worry about whether your customer will spend all his cash from cashing his payroll check before he gets to you.

Your customers receive a Platinum Preferred payroll-loaded, prepaid Visa® Card. The Platinum Preferred Card
provides the cardholder with prestigious features and privileges that can be used anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted or where PLUS®, STAR®, and NYCE® marks are shown. Payments are scheduled for automatic debit from the customer’s account – on pay day.


PaySystem + was truly designed to be a win/win for your dealership in every aspect of the business.  With PaySystem +, you will spend more time selling cars and less time chasing down collections!

FAST.  SAFE.  SECURE.  Plus the best rates.

Your dealership needs PaySystem+ for MSP.

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