Customer Stories

Within just one week all our new employees are revved up and ready to go because the MSP software is so user-friendly and easy to learn.

Dale Hoekema
Auto Credit Builders, Indianapolis, IN

MSP has alleviated so much of the paperwork we had to control. The time we are saving has already paid for the program. The MSP software is extremely user-friendly, thanks to you. The setup was a breeze and the Technical Support staff is very helpful. It has been the best investment we have made in years.

Jessica Willis
Car Corner Auto Sales, Van Buren, AR

For many years, we used your old DOS software and got used to it – and eventually loved it. We thought we would never change our system until the Management System Plus Windows upgrade came around. We were reluctant at first. We fought the change. We liked the ease of the old DOS system. After some time and after some training, we learned to like the MSP software. The things we can do in MSP we could NEVER do in the old DOS program. Change never seems to be a good thing but if you’re going from an old, antiquated program to a state-of-the-art program with a lot more to offer, then the decision to change is the right decision. I would encourage everyone using an old DOS program to consider the change. MSP is a great asset as is the Constellation team that helps us whenever we need them. Thank you for being the best software company around!!!

Chuck Malone
Blackwood’s Auto Inc.,Union, SC

I have found that with good people come good products. MSP is a good product. For the amount of money we pay, it is worth it! Other programs out there are more expensive comparatively speaking. Others out there are less, but you get what you pay for. We are all very happy with your software and your company. If there are any dealers out there that would like to talk to us about it, please have them contact us.

Karen Ferrell
All Star Autos, Inc. & All Star Autos Xpress, La Porte, IN

I would highly recommend Constellation software to anyone (who of course isn’t within 20 miles of us as I would hate to give another dealer the same edge we have!). Seriously, this is a top-notch program and I am amazed we went so long without it. Definitely the best package on the market. Thanks for everything and I hope to continue doing business with you for a long time.

Jason Giacopelli
Finance Director, MPH Auto Sale/RPM Lenders, Inglewood CA

I cannot thank you enough for all of the tremendous help that you have given me! I cannot believe that Stuart had you guys in hiding for so long and I’m glad I unburied you from his filing cabinet. Lastly, thank you for all your patience with my questions and phone calls.

Barbara M. Fiorillo
General Manager, Fast Track Auto Sales, Inc., Meriden, CT

Thank you all for the excellent hospitality and professionalism shown to us during our recent training session. You seem to have a great “Team” and it was a pleasure to bring my “top Team” in for training with you.

Cathy McCoy
Butch McCoy’s Credit Car Sales, Springfield, MO

I recently had the pleasure of attending a training class for MSP led by Greg Carmichael. The entire staff has been very friendly and hospitable. My compliments to all of you. You have put together a wonderful tool for companies like ours.

Alisa Kimbell
Fast Lane Automotive, Waterflow, NM

Constellation tech support is one of the best I’ve ever worked with. Any problems I may have are resolved fast! You are 150% GREAT!

Bening Motor Company, Jackson, MO

The integration between our MSP software and PPI has saved us a ton of time. I would recommend this to anyone that takes in payments. We have been in business in BHPH for almost 3 years and this is one product I would not want to be without. We serve 690 accounts from our 3 locations and each store manager runs their AutoPays within minutes. It’s FAST, EASY, ACCURATE.

Brent Weringa
Sales Manager, Auto Smart, Ft. Dodge, Spirit Lake & Algona, IA