BHPH Software: Reports

MSP comes with over 50 standard reports. You can also customize an unlimited number of reports using the custom report generator.

Leasing Reports
Payment Schedule Report:

Accurately track scheduled payment, interest, sales tax and number of scheduled payments. This report is for those that want to keep on top of their accounts and to see which direction their accounts are heading. Need to know if your average lease terms are extended too much? This report is for you.

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Lease Payment Report:

View the breakdown on collected payments, payment types, taxes, and fees. This report tracks monies received and the breakout of those payments. Lease Payment is vital to payable tax reporting and necessary for your general accounting.

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Lease Receivables Report:

See the breakdown of your account receivables in one easy-to-read report. The report allows you to see the breakout of your current lease receivables; principal, interest, tax, residual and security deposits.

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Banking/Operations Reports
Bank Deposit Report:

Outlines detailed information regarding all monies that go into the dealership and also all monies that are paid out of the dealership. The details range from payments, deferred payments, down payments, deposits, reversed payments, miscellaneous pay-ins and pay-outs, deleted payments and recovered losses. An audit trail is readily available at your fingertips.

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P&L Report:

Know your true profit, or loss, on each sale including wholesale sales. You can also view the costs associated with each sale. Keep track of charged-off accounts and any recovered losses pertaining to those vehicles that were charged-off.

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Business Summary:

Provides detailed information, for a specific date range, on vehicles that were sold or updated. From vehicle information, costs, gross, rate of return, customer info, contract schedule, posted expenses and more.

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Inventory Reports
Inventory Price Sheet:

Provides you with vehicle information such as Stock #, year, make, model, VIN, down payment, price and more from unsold, pending repos, pending trades, etc.

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Collection Reports
A/R Report:

See a breakdown of principal, interest, late charges and balances for all of your accounts. You are able to view who owes you money, how much they owe and the frequency of their payment schedule.

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Aged Delinquency Reports:

See aged delinquency for all customers and the amount of outstanding balance.

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Long Delinquency Reports:

See full details of customers that are due that day and those that are delinquent.

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Short Delinquency Reports:

Get a quick overview of delinquent accounts and their outstanding balance.

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Recency Report:

This report helps you keep track of those customers that are delinquent but paying “something” on a regular basis. This will help identify customers who should not be called for collection purposes due to appointments or some other arrangement made by the manager at the dealership.

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Static Pool Report:

Track the performance of a specific group of sales for a specified time period. Identify active, repossessed, charge-off, etc. at a glance. If a sale occurred during a specific time period, you have the ability of seeing if that sale was worthwhile or not based on the information this report provides.

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What BHPH dealers are saying

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This software (MSP) has alleviated so much of the paperwork we had to control. The time we are saving has already paid for the program. The MSP software is extremely user-friendly, thanks to you. The setup was a breeze and the Technical Support staff is very helpful. It has been the best investment we have made in years.

Jessica Willis,
Car Corner Auto Sales, Van Buren, AR

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