BHPH Software: Add-Ons and Integrations

Enhance your MSP system with several valuable add-on modules:


Import Journal Entries automatically into QuickBooks.

  • Available at no extra charge with our MSP dealership management software.
  • Save time updating your accounting information.
  • Make changes even after the import is complete.

Credit Reporter (Equifax, Experian, TransUnion)

Reports credit history/information back to Equifax, Experian and/or Trans Union, so you can attract better customers who care about their credit, and add another incentive to pay on time.

  • Eliminate double-entry of account information. Your customer’s information is submitted to the credit bureau directly from MSP.
  • Accounts can be reviewed in the program so that changes can be made before the report is transmitted.
  • You have the option to NOT report any single or group of customers or to simply report one customer.
  • You also have the option to verify what is on the generated report and to check for any errors that may cause a Credit Bureau to reject a report.
  • Simply upload the information to the reporting agencies websites. The generated file is compliant with the Metro 2 format accepted by all three major Credit Bureaus.
  • Use credit reporting as a sales aide – sell more cars when your customers know they can establish or reestablish a good credit rating.

Logo Equifax Logo Experian Trans Union

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Laser Forms

Print all of your sales documents, contracts and forms on plain paper using a laser printer.

  • Print all forms in a single print job.
  • Eliminate the need for forms alignment.
  • Provide a professional presentation to your customers.
  • Save money on pre-printed forms and shipping costs.
  • Reprint corrections at no additional cost.
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Data Backup Service

Protect your data. MSP automatically copies data from your computers to our servers in an off-site, secure facility on a daily basis.

  • Automatic backup of your data to an off-site location where the information is kept safe on redundant servers.
  • Backups are done after-hours with no disruption to your day.
  • Backups are monitored to ensure successful recovery.
  • Up to 2 GB of information can be saved – you can include more than just your DMS data (Excel, Word, Photos, etc.).
  • In the event of a partial or complete loss, we can restore your data from the previous day immediately to any computer.
  • You do not need to hassle with doing your own backups.
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MSP also integrates with several leading industry tools:

700 Credit

Fast, convenient access to all three major credit bureaus from within MSP.

  • No need to go from one software to another or enter information twice.
  • Preferred pricing on credit and compliance can SAVE YOU MONEY!!! 700Credit guarantees to reduce the costs you pay today and quotes are free.
  • Any credit report format you prefer, any score you prefer, all supported.
  • Unique 'Auto Summary' separates car credit from other credit data.
  • Free Risk Based Pricing solution with every credit report.
  • Complete automation of Red Flag backed with Out of Wallet questions to verify identity.
  • Ability to automate your process on who receives Adverse Action Notices. Take the worry out of, "Is it being done?"
  • Free Compliance Dashboard to monitor, in real time, your reporting, auditing and compliance requirements under new Federal regulations.

OFAC (US Department of the Treasury)

Always stay in compliance by utilizing the integrated SDN list from OFAC (Office of Foreign Asset Control) – the published list of individuals, groups and entities that it is illegal to do business with. Included in MSP, our OFAC scanner automatically checks against the national list – saving you time instead of looking through over 10,000 different names, aliases, etc.

  • Our list is kept up-to-date whenever OFAC releases an update – many times, twice per week.
  • Keeps you in compliance with Federal Laws.
  • If a name, or variation of a name, is found, a warning is provided with instructions to follow.
  • Avoid the fines and penalties of up to $10,000,000 and imprisonment of up to 30 years per incident.

Starter Interrupt Devices (Passtime, Payteck, PAY Payment Protection Technology, Protect Payments Inc)

Integrated with several leading payment protection device providers.

  • Help control delinquency issues by preventing the vehicle from starting if a payment is past due
  • Eliminate the need to input information into separate software programs when integrated with the MSP program
  • Save time at the payment window with codes that are generated automatically through the program and printed right on the customer’s payment receipt


Upload your unsold inventory to the VIADA website

  • Allow prospective customers in the state of Virginia to view your sale-ready inventory
  • Eliminate the need to manually send your information saving you time to sell more cars


Upload your unsold inventory to AutoTrader.

  • Allow your prospective customers to view your inventory from anywhere in the world
  • Keep your inventory fresh and updated in seconds

Website Upload

Integration of your website inventory pages with MSP Buy Here Pay Here Software.

  • Upload your unsold inventory directly to your own website
  • Show your potential customers only what is ready for sale, not what has already been sold
  • Keep your inventory fresh with just a couple clicks of a mouse.

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