SARASOTA, FL – October 23, 2012 – Constellation Automotive Software ( announced today that they have released the latest version of its industry-leading software for Buy Here – Pay Here and Lease Here – Pay Here dealers, Management System Plus 5.2. This latest version contains a new Collector+ module added to the MSP Account Center. “Collecting the money due to them from their customers is critical to the success of BHPH and LHPH operations,” said Al Mosher, General Manager of Constellation. “MSP has always had a wealth of features to assist dealerships in managing their collections and Collector+ puts even more tools at their disposal.”

It is important for BHPH and LHPH dealers to assist their customers through temporary financial set-backs and help them get their loan or lease paid off. The new Collector+ module allows dealers to record and track their customer’s promises to pay or payment arrangements easier. It is also designed to make collecting a customer’s account easier by putting all the information a collector might need to collect an account in one easy-to-use module. It also gives them the ability to find other customers with the same last name or who work at the same employer to assist in making contact with customers.

“My collector’s love it”, said Tom Brandis, owner of Advantage Auto Sales & Credit in Emmaus and Sellersville, PA., “It has made their job so much easier and more organized.”  “We pride ourselves on delivering features that our clients want”, added Mosher, “Without the help of Tom and our other clients like him, Collector+ would not be half the enhancement it turned out to be”.

Several new enhancements in reporting and sales financing are new additions to MSP contained in version 5.2, as well. In addition, MSP 5.2 has been streamlined for improved speed and performance. Buy Here – Pay Here and Lease Here – Pay Here dealers looking for a robust, full-featured dealership management system will love MSP 5.2. For more information, contact Constellation Automotive Software at 800-654-4955.

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Constellation Auto is a leading provider of software to independent automotive dealerships. Their products are flexible enough to meet the needs of any single or multi-lot dealership. Constellation Automotive Software is a part of the Constellation Dealership Software Group which provides a suite of market leading software products designed specifically for dealerships. Over 1,500 dealerships across North America rely on one of their products to make their dealership more successful. They are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Constellation Software Inc., the premier international provider of vertical market software, with offices and customers in over 35 countries, generating consolidated revenues in excess of US $800 million. Publicly traded and comprising over 20,000 customers, CSI has a mission to acquire, manage and build an exceptional and diverse portfolio of companies, selling software products to help customers achieve their goals and objectives. For more information, visit

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