10 Jan

Your employees are often the first point of contact your prospective customers will have with your Buy Here Pay Here or Lease Here Pay Here dealership. It is important that the impression created during that initial contact is a positive one. Customers and potential customers must be greeted promptly and in a friendly and courteous manner. Your employees are the most visible representatives of your dealership and are primarily responsible for the public’s perception of the dealership. It is critical that they maintain a professional attitude and appearance at all times.

Below are 6 traits you should look for when considering potentail employees:

Communication Skills

The best individuals for the business are articulate and can communicate with clients easily. The Spanish speaking population is growing quickly in the US and if your market has a large Hispanic population, it is recommended to look for individuals that are fluent in both English and Spanish.


Individuals that are rooted in the community and offer the possibility for many years of employment are ideal. They should be reliable and trustworthy. Look for stability in their lives, not termoil.


Dishonest employees at a DCF dealership cannot be tolerated. Your staff will be handling large sums of cash on a daily basis. An applicant’s references must be verified.


Individuals that are new to the business have performed well at DCF dealerships. They are quick to learn the systems and procedures as designed when compared to individuals who bring their own ideas or practices. They must be smart enough to retain the things they are taught.


Age discrimination is not allowed; however, it is advisable to consider a person’s overall work history and life experiences. More mature individuals tend to perform better overall. Employees will face difficult customers and /or situations periodically and it is imperative that they be able to maintain their composure and demonstrate good judgment in those situations.


The ideal prospective employees are those who are friendly and who will represent your company well when dealing with customers, especially in a selling capacity. A person who is outgoing and can show compassion and empathy for your customers without compromising company interests will do well.